Pierre Zero Signature Grenache


The alcohol-free Pierre Zéro Signature Grenache is a combination of delicacy, purity and elegance and contains no added sugars, preservatives, flavourings or sulphites. Flavours of black cherries, sweet herbs with hints of chocolate give this non-alcoholic Grenache a unique and qualitative character. This delicious non-alcoholic red wine goes perfectly with game and pasta dishes.

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Specifications –

Country of Production: France

– Alcohol Content: 0.0% – Volume: 750mL

– Grape: Grenache

– Serving Temperature: 57-61ºF

– Storage Temperature: Below 53ºF

– Calories: 19Kcal/100ml

– Carbohydrates: 4g/100ml

– Fat: 0g

– Sugar: 4g

– Halal Certified: No


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