Dr. Lo Riesling with Bubbles


A premium non-alcoholic SPARKLING Riesling for the uncompromising palate. The same exceptional wine as our Dr. Lo Riesling, but we added a light carbonization to give the wine its delightful spritz.


Dr. Lo is a superior-quality, non-alcoholic sparkling wine that captures the vibrant character of Riesling from Germany’s Mosel Valley. It is a delicious, guilt-free wine that pairs perfectly with any occasion and any meal. It’s free from any unnecessary ingredients like GMOs, as well as from allergens such as gluten and nuts.

Because we start with Riesling from the Mosel, the finished wine is already “Lo” in alcohol. The wine then undergoes a state-of-the-art alcohol removal process called vacuum distillation. Because there’s such low alcohol to begin with, there’s hardly any to remove! The result is a perfect balance of fruitiness and crisp acidity, with a brisk and lively finish. Added carbonization gives the wines its delightful spritz.


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