Domaine Kamat


After several years in development, Domaine Kamat is the first dealcoholized Napa Valley appellation Cabernet Sauvignon. Leaning into their core value of authenticity and based in Saint Helena, CA, founders Ehan and Vinay collaborated with their neighboring world-class vinicultural community to create a true Napa Valley Cab experience sans alcohol.

Domaine Kamat’s 2020 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon is a versatile wine and can be paired with a variety of foods.


Robert Louis Stevenson called wine “bottled poetry.”  Domaine Kamat’s wine is as distinctive and layered as a great poem.  It speaks of its California home through vineyards sheltered by Howell Mountain and cradled in Napa Valley’s Saint Helena Appellation.

Domaine Kamat delivers an indulgent, complex Napa Cab with the feel of the spirited original sans spirits.  Our wine is fruit-forward, yet not exaggerated – ruddy with an expressive nose.  The body is well-balanced with a slightly oaked, tannic plush mouthfeel.  Through our strategic partnerships from flavor scientists and winemakers to dealcoholizers and sommeliers, we have created a singular experience in every bottle.  Our pledge to skeptics: authenticity without sacrifice.  An ethical indulgence.

Enjoying a glass while gazing at the sunset, tinting our vibrant valley, our vision is clear: we believe that discerning wine lovers are seeking a sophisticated alternative.

Experience our high-tech, clear-eyed poetry in devotion to the best of Napa Valley.  Unravel the poem in every bottle and discover the soul of Napa without regret.  Domaine Kamat Non-Alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon:  where poetry meets Napa sans spirits.


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